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The story of Aviyal

When my children were small, we would all cuddle up and I would tell them some of the stories I remembered. But however many times I tried to change the stories to new ones, my sons would want to hear a few of the standard ones. I used to wonder why for they were basic Aesop’s fables or Panchatantra stories, and I assumed that I probably narrated them in a more melodramatic and thrilling fashion for them to like it. The challenge of course was to make subtle changes each time. If I made drastic changes they would protest and make it clear it was not acceptable. And so it went. These days, I wistfully think of the times when the kids were small and innocent, when conversation was prime and texting was just starting.
When I was small and living at Calicut, it was pretty much the same for me, I used to love the stories my Valiamma and Valiachan told me often, though they were mostly from Hindu mythology, and almost always dealing with Lord Krishna and the Bhaghavatam, sometimes the Mah…

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