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The Curious story of the Hamilton Bridge

Somewhere around the 70’s or 80’s the spirit caught on and the various city councilors in many states & cities of India started changing street names, just like the colonial British administration had themselves started to do in the 18th century. Many a landmark we knew by their charming names ceased to exist and got replaced with names which sometimes failed to catch on. Nothing exemplifies it more than the case of Mount road. Even though it has been Anna Salai for ages, many like me still remember it as and refer to it as Mount road. I will do so anyway just like I call Chennai as Madras at times. For me Edwards Elliot’s road will be that and not Radhakrishna Salai and even though TTK was a great industrialist and more synonymous with the common man for his Tantex underwear and Prestige cookers, I will not associate Mowbray’s road with underwear. Look at Nungambakkam high road, would anybody change it in their mind to Uthamar Gandhi Salai? Maybe MG road would have worked. Anyway…