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As the Seasons Change

It has been a year now in Raleigh, and we have gone past the four seasons that slipped by gloriously. Last years winter was harsh, though not as bad as the ones at other places we had lived in. The spring was short while the summer was hot and sunny and now it is the period for a fascinating autumn or fall. The trees are changing color and you can watch the changing colors of green, interspersed with orange, red, some shades of purple and yellows in between, until many of the leaves fall away to leave those artistically symbolic but gloomy looking skeletal branches devoid of leaves as winter finally sets in. Then arrives those grey days filled with rain and fog and mist and frost and finally snow while scowls and grim countenances replace the happy and cheerful faces of spring and summer on faces of people that pass by.
Life has been reasonably good for us so far, though the mood is generally somber and the country struggles with the recession whereas various other minor issues come an…

Parry in Madras - Chennai days – Part 3

Some days ago I wrote about Triplicane, Hamilton Bridge and Amir Mahal. I uncovered in other articles stories around the Icehouse and Burma bazaar as well, and talked at length about Muthuswamy Dikshitar and how Western music influenced him to create Nottuswaras, but Chennai would not be complete without Parry.
Parry – the very name evokes nostalgia of two kinds. One being the Parry muttai or Parry sweet, the éclair wrapped in its characteristic green wrapper. As children it was an intimate part of our lives, some liked it some hated it. Parents loved it for that was the cheapest, I never liked it. But that green wrapper which made a crackling sound when opened will always be in ones memory. The second is the fact that almost all the bathrooms of our time had Parryware installed at one time. It was the first thing you saw in the morning.
But well, for those who lived in Madras at one time, and for some who worked there for a while like me, you would always remember the bus terminus and …

Of calculi and the such

Have you ever had a calculus? If the answer is ‘yes’, my sympathies. If not, let me hope and pray that you never get one. If you did get one, let me pray that you never get another one. As for me, I had them twice, and while it was a torrid period, it did offer its lighter moments to me.

Arun my second son interjects, what Calculus? I tell him to be patient, don’t jump the gun.

I lived and worked in Bombay those days (early 80’s). We were driving to Nashik that particular day from Bombay (Bombay then was Bombay, not Mumbai and Nasik was Nasik, not Nashik) and it ended as a fairly good business trip. I got back, bone tired and brain rattled, the roads were bad in some parts and the music played in the car very loud. I was also feeling that a back pain was kicking in, a nagging pain on the lower back. I figured that it was due to the cramped seating & the longish drive.

Arun hearing the story, asks me why I never turned down the volume of the car stereo and I explain to him that it…