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Happy Onam folks.....

Yet another Onam is on the way
So make merry and enjoy

wishing you all a very happy onam.....

Pic from good light scraps - thanks

A week in Manhattan…

Yes, I agree that is something many a person dreams of doing, and we enjoyed it last week. In a slightly different fashion, I must say, more as a New Yorker…The intention was to drop our younger son off at NYU Medical School, where he will spend his next few years.

The SUV was all loaded up and primed for the long drive to the big apple, and we set out in the wee hours of the morning, driving through the scenic North Carolinian roads through to Virginia and then through the choked roads of Washington DC and Baltimore to Delaware, sidestepping Philadelphia and into New Jersey before the final push to Manhattan. Until then it was just like any other drive, occasionally stopping at roadside rest places and marveling at the overall efficient set up in this country. The weather held up, no rains to speak of and it was not terribly hot.

The toll booths opened up with a vengeance once we reached New Jersey and remained so till we crossed Lincoln tunnel and got into Manhattan New York, it was…

The CBI Theater, A Prelude

At the North Eastern Indian borders…….

Assam today is relatively sedate, with its tea fields and oil refineries, though there is much separatism and unrest in a land which Vivekananda stated to be most beautiful after Kashmir. Tigers and Rhinoceros still roam in the jungles though the Naga tribal’s have come far into the mainstream of development. Mischief is often fomented by the adjoining countries today, and is a reason for a lot of the unrest. Sadly, Bhupen Hazarika, a personal favorite of mine and a great Assamese singer with a sonorous voice, is no more. The adjoining land of Burma, perhaps wasted over the last few decades, is slowly coming out of its seclusion and entering the world, many a westerner is headed out to rediscover Burma or Myanmar and Aung San Suu Kyi will perhaps one day herald a new era for them remembering her days in India and the camaraderie she enjoyed in Delhi, as a student. But there was a time when bulldozers pounded the Assam hills, when thousands of Ame…