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Nehru’s Red Rose

No, I am not talking about any of his rumored links, but the bright red rose he pinned to the lapel of his achkan. Nehru was insistent that it was always bright red and not pale in color. Also it was never yellow as some books mention. So what is the story behind it? Was it an event that got him to carry on with the habit, was it a woman or some women? Or??
We talked about Gandhiji and his austerity, as well as his loin cloth wearing and the reasons behind that. But Nehru always wore an immaculate Achkan (sherwani like coat) with the Gandhi cap and the telltale bright red rose and at times a small cane with a silver head. Nehru, his ackkans and the red rose became inseparable after he became prime minister. In fact the laal gulab went on to become a family symbol for the Nehru’s as time went by and their supporters even coined the ‘lal gulab zindabad’ slogan during the Indira days. The man and the rose evoked strong reactions in the 50’s. Deep Inder’s (The invisible path) Laila expla…

Those 22 yards

No, this is not about dhotis or lungis or sarees or any kind of dressing apparel but about a stretch of earth which on a certain day or days is the focus of attention of many billion eyes. Even a potter would find the complexities in preparing that bit of clay mind boggling, but then again when millions of dollars is at work and billions of people are watching a cricket match, with such extreme fervor, one has to be careful. In today’s cricket, the batsmen, bowler, the keeper get a lot of attention and recognition. Previously insignificant characters like umpires, manager, coaches, physio’s and so on are also finding avenues to make a name for themselves, so also score keepers and the video men. How about the turf guys? They are the only ones who can answer the question of if the placid looking turf would shoot the ball up to the batsman’s family jewels or instead get it to scud to his shin. Now and then you see the badly attired guy run to the pitch with a hammer or a handful of saw…