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Dr Syud Hossain and Indian independence

Part 2 Life and times in the USA - 1921-1946
In Part 1, we got to know briefly the character of Syud Hossain, the man exiled from his shores to fight for his nation’s independence. Syud Hossain, that was how his name was spelled and Syud was very clear about it from the very beginning, correcting people who misspelt it as Syed. However even Vijayalakshmi would spell it wrongly in her memoirs! In this section, we will run through his 25 years stay in USA and his final days in the limelight, before fading into obscurity.

Move to USA The world congress of religions was then holding a conference in New York and using the influence of Agha Khan and Mr Chotani, Syud managed to get across the Atlantic to the new world. That he needed special help to travel is clear due to the simple fact that his passport had already been impounded, effectively ensuring that he could only remain where the British wanted him, far away from India.Thus it was in 1921, that Syud Hossain arrived in USA to lecture …

Another weekend to savor

That it certainly was, for though the week’s weather was a bit glum and grey, the Friday evening was spent watching a fascinating drama in space with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. With the accentuation of the experience in IMAX and 3D, and superb music by Steven Price, watching ‘Gravity’ was money well spent. And with that done with, we flew westwards to Ohio where Anu and Sabu had arranged a concert with the fascinating 32 year old Stephen Devassy from India and three competent young singers.
Both Shoba and I have been following the rapidly rising career path of Stephen for a few years now and enjoyed his musical support for the Indian Voice program as well as a few others, and it was after a span of some 6 years that I was seeing him again in person. The first was at San Diego and I had written about that event, a time when Stephen had provided accompaniment to the famous Hariharan.
Stephen has progressed famously since then, and the village boy from Ottapalam had indeed trave…