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The fate of the Penang ISI's 5th column

The stories of TP Kumaran Nair and Abdul Khadir  Contd..
To recap, the INA had been built up in Malaysia by Mohan Singh and a few others with Fujiwara’s guidance. Getting it recognized by the Japanese was proving difficult and the top brass were quarreling. Raghavan had started his Swaraj institute where young Indians were trained in spy craft, such as opening letters, tapping phones, making secret ink, forging documents and so on. Iwakuro however had other ideas. Before Raghavan could do anything, he spirited away the first batch of 20 cadets and sent them off to India. The first two batches were sent by submarine to the West Coast, the next two overland through the Burma border. Raghavan resigned in a huff and that was the end of new Indian recruitment to the ISI. Meanwhile the four groups had landed and curiously they proved to be very ineffective, since every single one of them were picked up within no time by the British who were lying in wait. But then again what could you achie…

The Indian Swaraj Institute (ISI) and the 5th column

The stories of TP Kumaran Nair and Abdul Khadir
Part 1
Each of the 5 Indians in the Japanese submarine prowling under the Indian Ocean waters, of which four were Malayali’s, had Rs 500 with them in crisp Rs 10 notes, an astronomical sum in 1942. They were after a long sojourn in Malaysia, destined for the shores of Tanur near Calicut, to be precise. Though all the Malayalees were from Travancore, they were bound for the shores of their motherland, and so joy filled their hearts. Somewhat groggy with the seasickness pills and the many deep dives the U boat took at sea to avoid allied ships, the boys were still in good shape. The little training they had received in the swimming pools helped, but it had been many years since they left Indian shores and the five were unsure of what to expect when they reached the shores…
Retracing the days of the Indian freedom fighters in SE Asia is not too easy and the fragmentary stories left by them, the evolution of the INA from the IIL and so on are…